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Additional Nursing Opportunities

Continuity of Care

The Continuity of Care department operates to ensure that patients are receiving the best standards of care, every time. Consisting of three unique functions, the Continuity of Care department is dedicated to both patients and staff members. Case managers work to create effective plans and management of the services provided in a high-quality and cost-effective way, ensuring that the patient is discharged safely and is able to return to their life outside the hospital. Clinical documentation specialists are tasked with ensuring that medical records are properly maintained and updated. The denial and appeal nurses are responsible for reviewing denied service requests and work with other departments to help with their own efforts.

Clinical Informatics

Baxter Regional Medical Center's clinical informatics team works to ensure that our hospital meets the government required Meaningful Use guidelines. Comprised of nurses and technical staff, clinical informatics creates and modifies the electronic forms required to create medical records for patients, and helps work with nurses and staff to educate them on proper use and implementation of this documentation. They also work to perform bedside medical device integration (BMDI) which enables the medical information on a patient to be updated directly by the automated monitoring equipment in their room. This allows physicians to be fully informed on the status and condition of a patient as soon as they are admitted, allowing them to perform better and more effectively help our patients. As an independent hospital, our clinical informatics team is able to more flexibly and efficiently produce updated and useful power forms and documentation than corporate hospitals who share a single system.

Nursing Within Allied Health 

Our Allied Health programs include ambulance and paramedic services, cardiopulmonary, laboratory services, pharmacy, radiology, and therapy services.

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