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Surgical Services


The post-anesthesia care unit ("PACU") is dedicated to the short-term care of patients immediately after they have experienced surgery. They are responsible for monitoring the patient's airway, vital signs, surgical site dressings, and patient status changes ensuring that when the patient awakens fully, they are comfortable and respond appropriately.  The nurses communicate frequently with surgeons, anesthesiologist, preoperative nurses and operating room circulating nurses to provide excellent and effective care to the patient once they arrive to PACU.  The PACU Team welcomes new RN Residents to the unit.


Pre-operative nurses are responsible for ensuring that patients are correctly prepared, and they often participate in a supporting role during a surgical procedure. They work closely with surgeons and other physicians in order to make sure that the patient and all of the materials required for the operation are present and correctly distributed.


Surgical nurses in the BRMC surgical center care for patients not only during the procedure but also before and after surgery. Working with doctors and surgical technicians, they assist during the procedure as well as act as a liaison between physicians and patients' families. Once the surgery is completed, surgical nurses help patients recover and provide instruction on personal postoperative care in addition to instructing their caregivers on any additional requirements and actions that should be taken.  The Surgery Team welcomes new RN Residents to the unit.

Vascular Surgery

Nurses who specialize in cardiovascular surgery and the treatment of diseases that affect the heart and veins work to assist surgeons and physicians in performing procedures that will either save the life of a patient or enable them to maintain their health and way of life. They are responsible for participating in procedures for the repair of aortic aneurysms, the grafting of veins and arteries during a bypass, and when performing amputations, angioplasties, and varicose vein surgery.


The Admit Recovery Unit cares for a variety of patients. The nurses are trained to prep and recover patient undergoing vascular and other procedures in the Cath Lab. The nurses assist the cardiologist with cardioversions and other bedside procedures.  The unit also cares for patients needing blood transfusions and other blood products, post radiology procedures, and assist with bedside biopsies.  The  nurses communicate closely with the Cardiologist, Radiologist, and the Cath Lab team to ensure that excellent care is given to our patients.

Cath Lab

Nurses and medical professionals in the catheterization laboratory use advanced medical techniques and technology to visualize the arteries of the heart so that life-saving operations can be immediately performed with accurate information. These techniques enable the surgeons to identify the blocked artery and monitor the pressure that is applied, enabling a successful operation to be performed to correct the problem and keep the patient alive.


Nurse anesthetists specialize in assisting anesthesiologists during surgeries and performing anesthesia themselves. They work closely with surgeons and surgical nurses in order to provide a high level of medical care and to assist in managing patient vitality, as well as performing pain management and assisting in other procedures.