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Baxter Regional Ahrens Clinic

The Baxter Regional Ahrens Clinic, operated by Dr. Shawn Bogle and his staff, performs medical care in the general fields of family practice. Pediatric care, adolescent medicine, adult and geriatric medicine, as well as EKGs, basic x-ray examinations and on-site limited lab testing are all offered here.

Baxter Regional Bone & Joint Clinic

The Baxter Regional Bone & Joint Clinic, operated by Dr. Win Moore and his staff, specializes in general orthopedic care for adults and children. Focusing on total joint replacement, general sports medicine, carpal tunnel surgery, arthritis treatment, fracture care, and total joint revision, this facility is dedicated to pursuing non-invasive options before considering surgical procedures.

Baxter Regional Comprehensive Women’s Clinic

The Baxter Regional Comprehensive Women's Clinic, operated by Dr. Corey Smith, Dr. Maureen Flowers and staff, offers full services for women of all ages. These include contraception and family planning, lactation consultation, osteopathic manipulation, initial infertility work-up, postmenopausal treatment, and full obstetrical services.

Baxter Regional Heart Clinic

The Baxter Regional Heart Clinic, operated by Dr. Louis Elkins and his staff, provides adult cardiac, thoracic, and vascular care to patients of Baxter Regional Medical Center. Treatments provided by this facility include Off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery, coronary bypass surgery, treatments for coronary and valvular heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, esophageal surgery, videoscopic assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) and electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy.

Baxter Regional Urology Clinic

The Baxter Regional Urology Clinic, operated by Dr. Daniel Decker and staff, focuses on providing urological care. At this clinic, they provide services to treat a variety of genitourinary disorders and diseases, including kidney stones, erectile dysfunction, incontinence, urological and prostate cancers, chronic urinary tract infections, benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), and urinary retention.

Baxter Regional Family Clinic

The BRMC Family Clinic, operated by Dr. Kam Lie and their staff, provides comprehensive services in general practice and family medicine. In addition to preventive and primary health care, the clinic offers acute and chronic disease management, weight loss management, comprehensive preventative screening, electrocardiograms, pulse oximetry, ear lavage, drug screening, physical exams, skin lesion cryosurgery, and Department of Transportation (DOT) screenings.

A satellite clinic, Baxter Regional Family Clinic on Market, is operated by Dr. John T. Leslie, Dr. Benjamin Stevens and their staff.

BRMC Gastroenterology & Advanced Imaging

The BRMC Gastroenterology & Advanced Imaging center, operated by Dr. William Dyer and his staff, provides diagnosis and treatment for diseases and disorders affecting the gastrointestinal tract, including the stomach and intestines. Procedures performed by the staff of this facility include colonoscopies, endoscopies, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) and other procedures for the benefit of patient health.

BRMC Medical Specialists

BRMC Nephrology/Pulmonology Clinic

The BRMC Nephrology/Pulmonology Clinic, operated by Dr. Grant Mathews, Dr. Sara Martin, and Dr. Brian Malte and their staff, works to identify, diagnose, and treat diseases and disorders affecting the kidneys and the lungs. As a specialty clinic, the pulmonology department manages patients who need life support and ventilation or are suffering from diseases like asthma, pneumonia, chest infections, and tuberculosis. The nephrology clinic treats patients for dialysis and kidney transplantation, as well as for hypertension and renal osteodystrophy.

BRMC Neurosurgery & Spine Clinic

BRMC Neurosurgery & Spine Clinic, led by neurosurgeons Dr. Lucas Bradley and Dr. Allan Gocio, offers the opportunity for a comprehensive evaluation of any issue related to the brain or spine, close to home. They provide evaluations, surgical and non-surgical treatment and management of neurological disorders including brain tumors, aneurysms, degenerative spine disease, osteomyelitis, traumatic spine injury, spinal bone fusion, nerve compression, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, Chiari Malformation and Carpal Tunnel. 

Fairlamb Senior Health Clinic

The Fairlamb Senior Health Clinic, operated by Jessica Johnson, APRN, and staff, provides comprehensive medical care for patients age 65 and older, focusing on promoting independence and quality of life. To do this, they provide education and testing, preventative and routine health services, medication analysis, cognitive memory testing, and case management to assist their patients in connecting with other area resources.