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Therapy Services


Inpatient Rehab

The Baxter Regional Medical Center Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit works in a supporting role to enable patients to regain strength, mobility, and flexibility after injury or surgery. As the only inpatient rehabilitation facility in northern Arkansas, it is our privilege to offer the highest quality in physical treatment in order to help our patients regain independence. By creating programs to teach and educate patients to provide them with the skills they need to achieve a higher quality of life after becoming disabled due to illness or injury, the Acute Inpatient Rehab is able to treat each patient as an individual, making flexible treatment options and customized plans for managing their recovery. This rehabilitation can include more than just physical improvement; any issues that patients would have when moving from a hospital to a community environment are addressed, including feeding, communication, self-care, and concentration. When the plan is successful, the patient is able to live as independently as possible and is able to receive the support of both the specialized rehabilitation team as well as their family and friends.

Inpatient Physical Therapy

Our Inpatient Physical Therapy team provides seven day coverage for our general medicine, surgical, orthopedic and intensive care units.  We are proud to be members of a larger acute care organization wide team that provides for the needs of our patients through interdisciplinary plans of care.  In an environment where the average length of stay is less than 4 days, our goal is to provide the initiation of, and support for, gait training, transfer training, and therapeutic exercise to insure the achievement of mobility goals, along with the education necessary in order for our patients to be able to transfer to the next level of care. The customer service is extraordinary, the pace is fast, the autonomy is high, the patient case mix is challenging, team support is exemplary, and no 2 days are ever exactly alike.

Outpatient Physical Therapy

At BRMC, our outpatient physical therapy services provide exceptional customer service that puts the patient first.  This is evidenced, in part, by our dedication to our individualized, 1-on-1, 60 minute patient treatment time frame.  We also recognize that we are each other’s customers and we value accountability and ownership along with humility and respect.  Through the utilization of a team interview process, the existing team has “built itself” by each existing team member selecting who their teammates will be. This insures you’ll find a great environment in which to work.  One where each team member is glad the others are part of the team, and one where each team member is happy to support every other team member. This great environment across time has lead to a very low turnover rate.  Our average staff member tenure is: 8 years.  Our community population is a composite of both recreational and retirement generations.  This provides for a wide variety of patient case mix and diagnoses.  We treat everything from “headache” to “toe pain” in a patient population from birth to centenarian.  Our specialty programs offered include: Vestibular rehab, Lymphedema treatment, Dry needling, Total joint rehab, Sports injury rehab, Sports metrics, and Hydrotherapy.  With 14 years average experience, our diverse staff have a wide array of certifications and specialized treatment technique options.  We encourage a wide variety of treatment options and are open minded to team members seeking out new techniques and tools to help us continue our dedication to excellence in customer service.  Our main campus clinic has a 1,800 square foot gym area which is well equipped, as are our 8 treatment rooms.  Our Hydrotherapy program is equipped with 2 laminar flow pools.  We are dedicated to professional development and creating a great learning environment.  This leads us to provide opportunities for individualized paid Continuing Education annually.  Additionally, our team loves the opportunity to learn from each other.  Leadership and coaching are readily available and easily accessible.  Our physicians are very “therapy supportive” and communication with them is easy to accomplish.

Home Health

Entering into a direct and personal part of a patient's life, home health care specialists offer professional services for patients under physician direction. This part-time care is less expensive and is an effective and important alternative to hospitalization or admittance to a nursing home, enabling the patient to be surrounded by a familiar environment and to benefit from the presence of friends and family. Home health specialists provide both physical and educational assistance, such as wound care, catheter and colostomy care and education, monitoring for life-threatening illnesses, pregnancy, IV therapy and chemotherapy, and more. Additionally, they also provide physical therapy, speech therapy, social services, and occupational therapy to enable patients to remain independent while still being safe, comfortable, and healthy.