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Laboratory Services



Baxter Regional Medical Center's Laborary is a vital part of our healthcare team; over 80% of patient conditions cannot be diagnosed or treated without the expertise and results the Laboratory provides.  Pathologists and Clinical Lab Scientists are responsible for analyzing, testing, and examining the specimens sent to them from all areas of the hospital, as well as local and regional clinics.  Our skilled and compassionate Phlebotomy Team collects and processes specimens efficiently and effectively.  Our full time Clinical Laboratory Scientists who provide constant quality assurance, maintenance and test reporting, our physicians are fully equipped to diagnose, treat, and prevent the diseases of our patients.  By ensuring that tests in the fields of hematology, immunology, toxicology, chemistry, and microbiology are properly performed and recorded, our lab scientists support and enable our providers to correctly diagnose and treat our patients, ensuring they receive the best care available every time.  Our BRMC Team collaborates to maintain high standards of quality and service, far beyond those required for state and federal regulatory compliance requirements.

The Clinical Lab Scientists have a B.S. Degree in Medical Technology, plus a one year internship. Our Medical Laboratory Technicians have 2 years of intensive classroom and clinical training. Our Phlebotomists have 1-2 semesters of coursework and clinical rotation experience at an accredited college followed by successfully passing the nationally recognized registry- ASCP PBT. This course ensures phlebotomists have basic understanding of the tests that they are collecting, processing, and distributing throughout the lab. The Phlebotomy Team is the “face” of the laboratory team that the patient sees, so it is critical that each individual demonstrates BRMC’s mission, vision and values every day as we care for patients and interact with visitors and coworkers.


In addition to expertise in Laboratory Medicine, our Pathologists are physicians that specialize in Anatomic Pathology, the study and diagnosis of disease based on organs and tissues, cytopathology, the analysis of diseases at a cellular level, and dermatopathology, which detects and diagnoses the presence, type, and treatment options for skin diseases and disorders.  Laboratory Medicine includes hematopathology, the study of diseases/dysfunctions of blood cells and other tissues that are directly connected to the blood; immunopathology, which deals with the responses to the immune system to diseases such as HIV/AIDS as well as autoimmunity disorders like Type 1 diabetes and Celiac disease.  Our Pathologists, Clinical Scientists Technologists, Technicians and Phlebotomists work together with other physicians to ensure rapid, accurate diagnoses and effective treatments to ensure positive outcomes for our patients.