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RN Residency / Preceptorship


BRMC's Preceptors are the Foundation to Our RN Residency

RN Resident Alumni value the married-state preceptorship. In fact, they have indicated that their relationship with their preceptors continue beyond orientation. Many residents still consider their preceptor a life-long resource and friend.

To ensure residents have a smooth transition from knowledge to nursing practice, our preceptors are committed to developing their residents into competent and confident professional nurses.

BRMC RN Preceptors participate in a formal Preceptor Role Development Program that provides training and validation in the following competencies:

  • Orienting Residents to the Healthcare Environment

  • Creating a Safe Learning Environment for the Resident

  • Impacting a Resident's Clinical Development through Individual Support

  • Guiding a Resident through Unit-Specific Competency-Based Clinical Development

BRMC Residents work one-to-one with a sequence of preceptors until the resident feels comfortable working independently; depending on the nursing unit, this usually takes 4 to 7 months. Each sequence is designed to build upon a resident's growing competency and confidence.

Our preceptors help residents develop technical skills at the bedside. As the resident becomes more confident and competent and begins to function more independently, the preceptor transforms into the resident's angel in the wings, continuing to provide guidance as needed. 

Preceptorship does not end until a resident is comfortable and capable of being on their own.

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Resident Support
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Located in the beautiful Ozarks, Mountain Home is a calm but growing community with a vast array of lakes, rivers, trails, and more all close by! Featuring some of the best fishing in the United States and some of the most excellent hunting opportunities, as well as community events and festivals, North Central Arkansas is a hidden treasure. Hundreds of people come here every year for vacations, holidays, and to retire, giving the area a very generous and friendly atmosphere that encourages involvement and personal growth.